Organic Buck Wheat: Home Growing Instructions

Full Instructions:

How to grow 1 standard seed tray (33cm x 22cm) of Buckwheat Shoots:

  1. Soak about 50g of the buckwheat seeds in warm water (40ºC initially) for approximately 12-18 hours, or overnight.
  2. Drain off the water.
  3. Fill your seed tray half full of compost. Sprinkle the soaked seed on top of the compost and spread evenly.
  4. Water, using a can with a rose.
  5. Keep at room temperature for 3 days, watering twice a day, keeping the compost moist as it is important to keep the seeds moist during germination, but do not over water.
  6. On the approximately the fourth day, once the seed has germinated, ensure the tray is in a light place, the brighter the better.
  7. Warmth, light and sunshine is what buckwheat likes best, and in the UK climate that usually means growing it indoors or in protected space such as a greenhouse or conservatory. You can slow or speed the growth by manipulating the temperature.
  8. Continue to water, up to twice a day if necessary. Do not let the shoots stand in water. Just keep the compost moist.
  9. After 12-14 days, the greens will be approx 7.5 – 10 cm (3-4 inches) high, and will be ready to harvest and eat.
  10. To harvest cut a small bundle with a sharp knife or scissors above compost surface, rinse and use as required.

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