Organic Sunflower Greens, Care instructions: Home Growing Instructions

Please unpack and water your trays as soon as possible after receiving them.

Storage instructions:

Our fresh fully-grown Sunflower Greens are ready to use and at their optimum height for nutritional value.

Our fully-grown Sunflower Greens can keep for up to a week approximately, however these are living and growing plants and storage times may vary depending on the storage and weather conditions as well as variations in individual plants.

Storage instruction for our fully grown Sunflower Greens:

Store in a light place, not too warm to keep them from growing longer too quickly. They will not like getting too cold and we would not advise keeping them outside if the temperatures drop too much at night or during the colder months. Although the plants need plenty of light to keep them green, direct sunlight is not advisable especially in summer.

Water at least once a day, keeping the compost moist but not too wet.

To grow the plants keep them at a temperature around 17-18 degrees, but once they are fully-grown the Sunflower Greens keep longer if the temperature is a cooler. If the plants are kept at a warmer temperature they may not keep as long.

You may wish to cut them whilst they are still at their best, before they get too tall. The cut sunflower greens can be stored in the salad compartment of the fridge where they will keep fresh for longer. Cut Sunflower Greens, provided they were in optimum condition when cut, can be kept in the fridge for at least a week

Sunflower Greens are quite delicate and although they may tolerate a temperature a few degrees lower than the ideal once they are fully-grown down to approximately 10 degrees C, they must be protected from temperatures lower than that and from frost at all times.


The Sunflower Greens are at their optimum nutritional value before the second set of leaves develop.

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