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Nutritionist Resource lists full profiles of nutritionists allowing users to read about what they can help with and their background information. The website is a helpful resource with information on Nutrition and what a nutritionist can help with.

The UK Centre for Living Foods.  Director, Elaine Bruce, offers courses in the Living Foods Programme and Wheatgrass retreats.  Also personal consultations with the Director.

Living foods for optimum health. Courses, workshops, and consultations from an Hippocrates Institute trained health educator.

Karen Knowler is The Raw Food Coach. With over 18 years of personal experience of eating a raw food diet, Karen has been teaching, writing and coaching professionally on raw foods for over a decade.

Judy Barber is based in Stroud and has trained at the Hippocrates Institute as well as writing books on raw foods and coaching.

As a holistic health coach, raw food coach and author, Polly helps people to create health and balance in their lives using her experience and expertise as a qualified Holistic Health Coach from her training at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition.

Russell’s passion is to show you that far from feeling restricted on a raw food diet you have an abundance of options, whether that being eating raw sandwiches all week or putting on a show-stopping dinner party for friends.

Riki Davies is a Medical Herbalist who is passionate about healing through diet.  She has recently released a book entitled Love Life - Eat Well in which she shares a wealth of knowledge.

Greencuisine Trust is an educational charity with a core focus on food.


Information Resources

The Hippocrates Health Institute in Florida founded by Ann Wigmore.

Steve Meyerowitz is a world authority on the health benefits of sprouts and a mine of information. 



Retreat Centres

Health Etcetera is a raw food detox Retreat. Set in the heart of Hampshire they provide a variety of programmes to help with weight loss, diseases, detox and relaxation.



Earthfare are based in Glastonbury and offer our sprouted seeds and pulses instore and via their online shop.

Stockits of our grow your own range and much more. 

From the Blog

  • Max Tuck's - Green Power Juice

    Max Tuck's - Green Power Juice
    One of the most important additions you can make to your diet from a
    nutritional perspective is the green sprouted foods. 
  • Jamie Oliver uses Aconbury Alfalfa Sprouts

    Jamie Oliver uses Aconbury Alfalfa Sprouts

    Jamie Oliver uses Aconbury Alfalfa Sprouts in his 30 Minute meals series.  Click the links below to view details of the recipe or watch the episode on 4OD.

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