Who are Aconbury

We love living foods!

Here at Aconbury we are truly passionate about providing the best quality, natural, living, fully organic foods to our customers.

As a small, committed team working in the heart of Herefordshire’s Golden Valley, it is our job to provide great products to suit everyone’s budget and lifestyle. 

All of our plants are lovingly cared for, from planting to dispatch, by people who understand both the needs of our plants and our customers.

We don’t rely on affiliate schemes, special offers or gimmicks to shout about the good, wholesome work we do here. Pure and simply we let our products speak for themselves.

We hope that you will love them as much as we do!

The belief that fresh is always best lies at the very heart of our values. Our wheatgrass is genuinely live and packed with all of the benefits that brings.


Our team;

Alina – Managing Director

Leading from the top, Alina makes sure we can deliver the best possible service to our clients. She heads up the team, ensuring that we provide the right products, at the right cost, without compromising on quality.

Having taken over the management from Jim early in 2013, Alina is committed to ensuring the Aconbury brand grows from strength to strength, whilst staying true to its roots.


Tom - Having been with us since 2013 he is now taking a more hands on approach, being more involved with the day to day running. It is Tom who keeps everything in working order so we are able to operate. 

Tom is happy to cover any aspect of Aconbury, planting, packing or answering the telephone and always with a smile.


Rachel – Got a question? It’s Rachel who is more than happy to help you. With only 1 year in the Aconbury team she is confident in assisting you when making choices to use living foods for the first time.

The customer experience is the core of her role at Aconbury, she ensures customers are offered a consultative experience in order that they get everything they need from our extensive range.


Milena – is the core of Aconbury with her magic green fingers, growing and nurturing for all our plants. She is there every step of the way, from tiny seeds to the full and lush trays you recieve. Its Milena who makes sure every plant is healthy, well cared for and ready to use.

Weather it is planting, watering, packing or product testing, Milena gives her full commitment to Aconbury.

You will assuredly benefit from the care and attention she gives to her work.


Our commitment here is second to none.

Sophie, Alina & Jill Swyers

Sophie, Alina and Jill Swyers at Healthy Living Expo 2013


Rach & Jill Swyers

Rach and Jill at Healthy Living Expo 2013

Rachel at Ludlow Food Festival 2011

A very old picture, a few years after the business was founded