Elaine Bruce's Sprouted Hummous

Elaine Bruce's Sprouted Hummous

Here is a recipe kindly supplied by Elaine Bruce which is taken from her fantastic book 'Living Foods for Radiant Health'

This is a basic and extremely useful standby when there is need for a rich paté. There is a history to this dish. We invented it here at the UK Living Foods Centre in Shropshire over 20 years ago, and shared the recipe widely. We then kept finding variations in recipe books from several sources. We decided that it is one of those obvious dishes, just asking to be invented, and that several people around the world did just that, in a nice bit of serendipity. That is the lovely thing about raw food recipes; anyone and everyone can create great food, every day.

Serves 4

  • 2 cups freshly sprouted chickpeas
  • 2 cups large green lentils

Use the sprouts when the emerging shoots are no longer than the diameter of the seed. In warm weather you need to keep a sharp eye on the seeds to catch them at the right length. Chickpeas especially grow very rapidly and become fibrous and slightly bitter.

  • Put the sprouts in a food processor and blend them with crushed garlic to taste
  • Add a small amount of organic light raw tahini (1 tablespoon per cup of sprouts is plenty for a light hummous; add more if you want a richer mix and can use the calories).
  • Add either freshly squeezed organic lemon juice (if you can find a ripe lemon) or organic apple cider vinegar. Add a little water to mix.

This recipe can be made as a thick soft paté or, by adding more water, can be used as a dressing. Made as a thick pouring sauce it is a rich, satisfying accompaniment to a plate of salad and other sprouts. When made rather thicker, as a paté, use it to fill celery sticks, or as a dip with chunks of red and yellow peppers. A portion of the paté can be used to make chickpea crunchies detailed on page 176 of Living Foods for Radiant Health

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