Organic Rocket Seed - How to Grow Rocket Greens

Organic Rocket Seed - How to Grow Rocket Greens

Full Instructions:

How to grow punnet (10x10cm) of Rocket microgreens:

Fill your seed tray or punnet approximately half full of compost. Sprinkle the 10g of seed on top of the compost and spread evenly. Rocket seed does not need to be soaked. For one of our 22cmx33cm seed trays use approximately 50g, for one of our punnets use approximately 10g of seed.

Water, using a can with a rose.

Keep covered at room temperature for 3 days, watering once/twice a day keeping the compost moist, as it is important to keep the seeds moist during germination, but do not over water.

After 3 days uncover your greens and continue to grow in a light place.

You can slow or speed the growth of the greens by manipulating the temperature. Fresh air and sunshine is what it likes best, but for most of the year in the UK you will need to keep it indoors on or near a windowsill. In hot weather it is better to protect the plants from direct sunshine.

After 10-14 days, the microgreens will have formed the first pair of leaves and be ready to use.

To harvest cut a small bundle of the greens with a sharp knife or scissors above compost surface. If you've used a muslin you can pull out your greens.

Rinse well before use, sprinkle on salads or use in sandwiches and enjoy.

Serving suggestions:

Rocket greens are ideal in sandwiches, salads, for filling fajitas, wraps and bagels, sprinkling on soups. Can also be juiced with fresh vegetables or fruit for a really nutritious drink.

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