Organic Wheatgrass Care Instructions: Home Growing Instructions

Organic Wheatgrass Care Instructions: Home Growing Instructions

Storage & usage instructions:

Wheatgrass is one of nature's superfoods. I hope this information will help you get the most out of our fresh ready-grown Wheatgrass:

Please unpack your wheatgrass trays as soon as possible after receiving them.

Storage instruction for our fully-grown wheatgrass:

Our fresh fully-grown wheatgrass is at its optimum height for nutritional value and is ready to juice. The Wheatgrass keeps best stored in a cool, light place to slow the growing rate. Water the grass once a day keeping the compost moist, watering evenly with a watering can and letting the water drain right down through the roots and out of the bottom of the tray. Do not let the tray stand in water or over-water the tray. We recommend that you water your wheatgrass about an hour before juicing to improve yields.

Storage Instructions for half-grown and ¾ grown Wheatgrass:

Our half-grown wheatgrass has been grown for 7 days and needs to be grown on, up to 7 days, and the ¾ grown for 3-4 days until it is 15-20 cm height and ready for juicing. Store in a warm and bright place and water once or, if needed, twice a day.

You can slow or speed the growth of your wheatgrass by manipulating the temperature. Fresh air and sunshine is what it likes best, but in cold weather you will need to keep it inside somewhere light and warm. Continue to water once a day, or twice a day if necessary. Do not let the wheatgrass stand in water. Just keep the compost moist.

When the grass is approx 15-20cm (6-8 inches) high, and at its optimum nutritional value having transformed maximum light energy into chlorophyll, it is ready to juice.

To use juice the wheatgrass:

Harvest the wheatgrass by grasping a small bundle of the wheatgrass blades firmly and cutting with a sharp knife or scissors about 1 cm above compost surface. Rinse well before use.

To juice, feed small bundles into your wheatgrass juicer while it is in motion, pushing it down with a plunger. Repeat until you have enough juice as required. We recommend drinking it neat straightaway. The juice will slowly start deteriorating after about an hour.


One tray of well-grown wheatgrass yields on average 210 to 270ml of fresh juice. This is equivalent to 7 to 9 x 30ml shots or doses. It will depend on the length and lushness of the wheatgrass and the efficiency of the juicer.

If you find the flavour too strong, try mixing it with water or fresh organic fruit or vegetable juices, such as pear, apple, lemon, pineapple or carrot juice. It is not recommended to use orange juice as a mixer with Wheatgrass.

Once the wheatgrass is ready to use, keep it as cool as possible to maximise its life. If it is still growing too fast, or getting old, you can cut it and put it in your fridge for several days to keep fresh. Rinse it immediately before use as usual.

If you have any problems with caring for your Wheatgrass, please give us a call on 01432 360935 where we will be happy to help.

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