UK’s number 1

Hand Grown Organic Wheatgrass

Fresh wheatgrass ready for juicing at your home

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UK’s number 1

Organic Seeds for microgreens

Shop Now!Where do I start?

UK’s number 1

Frozen Wheatgrass Juice

Fresh wheatgrass ready for juicing at your home

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'Grow Your Own' Organic Sunflower Greens Kit from Aconbury


Everything you need to grow your own trays of organic Sunflower Greens.

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Sprout Hormone-Rich Greens in Only Two Minutes a Day

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Organic Supergreens Punnet Selection


6 punnets: Broccoli, Mustard, Cress, China Rose, Snow Pea, Sunflower

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Frozen Wheatgrass Juice 60 cups


60 cups of freshly frozen 100% wheatgrass juice, made from our own fresh organically grown wheatgrass.

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Broccoli CALABRESE Organic Seeds

Starting at £6.09

Aconbury’s organic broccoli calabrese seed in a re-sealable bag with growing instructions

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What do you get?

Fresh Organic Wheatgrass

Live wheatgrass grown from Spelt grain - an ancient variety of wheat, most natural and highest quality seeds

Quality frozen juice

Freshly juiced organic wheatgrass frozen within minutes to preserve the minerals, enzymes and vitamins

Safe sprouting seeds

100% organic with high germination and great taste, they're laboratory tested to produce safe and great food

For a Healthier Lifestyle

Explore Our Wheatgrass range

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Music Consultant to the BBC

Aconbury Sprouts have been supplying me with wheatgrass, sunflower sprouts and snow pea shoots for 8 years and not only do the very friendly team at Aconbury provide an excellent service but the quality of the plants hemselves is wonderful. Long may Rachel and everyone at Aconbury Sprouts continue to provide their life enhancing service to us all!


Naturopath - Homeopath

This year I made a commitment to myself to look after my health and to help other people achieve better state of health too. Aconbury sprouts, wheatgrass and other green shots are the essential products that I take on a daily basis to help me achieve and sustain my goal. Their products are always fresh, tasty and unbelievably healthy, their service is wonderful and people always delightful to speak with.

Helena Cavan


The Milestone Detox has been using fresh trays of Aconbury wheatgrass and sprouts since 2016 and relies on the outstanding quality of our products to ensure the best standard of ingredients for their shots, juices and raw food plates of food. They are so pleased with our reliable delivery service and the freshness of the trays when they arrive that they refer new customers to us every month!

Elaine Bruce

Experienced Naturopath. Founder Director of Elaine Bruce Living Foods

I have known Aconbury Sprouts since they started. I recommend them to all my Living Foods students for all their supplies.


Getting Started With Our Growing Guides

Growing sprouts and micro-greens is easy but we appreciate that it can sometimes be daunting, especially if you have no experience with growing your own food. We have put together these short guides to help you grow your bursting with life food. All you need is a little bit of time and patience.

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