Fresh Organic Live Wheatgrass

One tray of Aconbury’s fresh organic wheatgrass for juicing.

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FOWG-Fully Grown - Organic Wheatgrass Ready to juice
FOWG-Medium – Organic Wheatgrass Ready in 2-3 days
FOWG-Short – Organic Wheatgrass Ready in 5-7 days
Fresh Organic Live Wheatgrass is available to buy in increments of 1

ABOUT The Fresh Organic Live Wheatgrass

Each tray of fresh organic wheatgrass produces approximately 6-8 30ml shots of juice.

All of our fresh organic wheatgrass is grown outside during the summer months but in cold weather we bring it in and it grows in our pollytunnel. It is planted and watered by hand so that every tray receives the individual attention that it deserves. Our wheatgrass is grown using organic spelt grain, an ancient variety of wheat. Spelt is a heritage grain and we have found it produces a stronger, healthier and juicier grass. Organic spelt grain is more expensive than standard organic wheat grain but we feel it’s worth it! Many of our customers are health practitioners who recommend our wheatgrass to their clients and new customers report that they find the taste much more palatable than the wheatgrass juice they have tried in the past. (2.5kg)
The internal dimensions of the trays are 22cm wide and 35cm long.
Delivery costs:
Delivery for a single tray (2.5kg) is £7.45
Delivery for 2-8 trays (5-20kg) is £8.85


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    Absolutely brilliant
    I ordered this product and received it within two days and the level of freshness is amazing. I will definitely be buying regularly