Sprouts, The Miracle Food

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Sprouts The Miracle Food, The Complete Guide to Sprouting by Steve Meyerwitz  'the sproutman'

Sprouts The Miracle Food, The Complete Guide to Sprouting by Steve Meyerwitz 'the sproutman'
'Let your kitchen be your garden. It's easy!'

This is an extremely comprehensive guide to sprouting seeds with a wealth of nutritional as well as practical information & technical tips on growing sprouts and greens.

'Steve Meyerwitz was nicknamed 'Sproutman' in the 1970's because his apartment was overflowing with gardens of minivegetables''The Complete Guide to Sprouts and Sprouting’, by Valerie Cupillard, with 'Seventy Healthy and Creative Recipes using Fresh Sprouts and Sunflower Greens'.A very attractive and comprehensive guide with plentiful information and guidance on sprouting your seeds and pulses at home followed by an abundance of delicious and inspiring recipes. 'Sprouts are ingredients that contribute to living nutrition'....'Rich in amino acids, as well as vitamins, sprouts are also recognized for their high levels of fibre and enzymes and for being antioxidants and alkaline'....'A serving of sprouts with a meal will breathe fresh life into your daily eating' Valerie Cupillard (500g) A very attractive book full of delicious recipes and photos


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