Cut Sunflower Greens

200g of cut sunflower greens

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ABOUT The Cut Sunflower Greens

One bag of Aconbury Sprouts sunflower greens 200g cut from Organic tray.

These greens are a rich source of chlorophyll, high in vegetable protein, B complex vitamins, vitamin E, potassium, iron, calcium and magnesium. Delicious in sandwiches and salads and also in soups, casseroles and juiced.
All of our fresh sunflower greens are grown outside during the summer months but in cold weather we bring them in and they grow in polytunnel. They are planted and watered by hand so that every tray receives the individual attention that it deserves. 

Delivery costs:

Delivery for up to 5 bags of cut greens is £7.45

Delivery for up to 25 bags of cut greens is £8.85


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    I adore sunflower greens and Aconbury do high quality sunflower greens and deliver them the next day. I buy two bags weekly as they're the only salad green I actually enjoy - sometimes I just eat them out of the bag like crisps
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    EXCELLENT choice
    This is a very convenient and I feel economical choice for sunflower greens.. very pleased with this service.. thankyou